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baby bouncer + rocker + seat

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Machine washable
for care instructions
How to care for your baby bonding playmat How to care for your baby bonding playmat
muslin seat cover helps reduce the risk of overheating
perfect gift for new and expecting parents
Developmental Benefits
helps to develop fine motor skills

the baby bouncer and rocker from aden + anais™

Smilling baby playing with mom on Aden and Anais playmatSmilling baby playing with mom on Aden and Anais playmat
bounce. rock. sit
Our baby bouncer seat grows with the baby, making it last longer than most other products on the market, as it converts into a bouncing toddler chair that supports kids up to 29 pounds. This baby bouncer and rocker is designed to accommodate babies from newborns up to the age of 24 months and can be a great help to new parents.
Even if you have plans to be the most hands-on parent, there will be times when you need to put your baby down to free up your hands. A baby bouncer can help to keep your infant safe by its 5-point harness while you do things around the house.

baby playing with toy bar on aden + anais bouncer + rocker + seatbaby playing with toy bar on aden + anais bouncer + rocker + seat

interactive toy bar

From entertainment, to sensory development with the hanging toys, our baby bouncer and rocker is ready to engage and entertain your baby by encouraging their physical and cognitive development. Designed to capture baby’s attention, the interactive toy bar is a great addition to your everyday routine - watch as the baby discovers various plush muslin animals from our beloved best-selling jungle jam print.


Our bouncer seat for babies creates further opportunities for parents and babies to interact one-on-one, just place your little one amid a stimulating setting full of bright colours and let them discover the world around them.

baby sitting in bouncer + rocker + seatbaby sitting in bouncer + rocker + seat

fun for baby - easy for you

Safe from birth on up, this versatile and lightweight rocking chair for babies is made from washable and breathable 95% cotton muslin and 5% spandex to provide the utmost comfort. At first, your baby will be happy to stare up at you or the attached toys, but when they're older, they'll realize that the bouncer will respond to kicks, letting your baby get some energy out.


This rocker seat for babies not only brings development to the table, but also is a complementing design solution for every modern home. When playtime is over, the lightweight and portable 3-in-1 transition seat easily folds flat and tucks away out of view.

mom and baby playing in 3-in-1 transitioning seatmom and baby playing in 3-in-1 transitioning seat


what is a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer provides babies a safe and secure environment for their early stages of development. Usually, bouncer seats for babies are motion powered and can be operated by the parent moving the chair or allowing the baby to kick around. The springy up-and-down motion both calms the baby and helps them to develop the muscles necessary for crawling.

what is a baby rocker?

Baby rockers usually swing gently back and forth and are similar in concept to adult rocking chairs. Rocker seats for babies normally have two slightly curved bands at the bottom that just need a quick nudge from mum or dad to get the movement going.

what is the difference between a baby bouncer and a baby rocker?

The biggest difference between baby bouncers and baby rockers are in the movement. Baby bouncers have more of an up-and-down motion and can be great for babies development, especially when they learn how to move the bouncer themselves. Baby rockers are essential for newborns as the relaxing back and forth movement reminds them of the time spent in the womb.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds without the extra cost, aden + anais baby rocker and bouncer will provide both entertainment and relaxing atmosphere for your baby.

how do baby bouncers support development?

Well-designed baby bouncers encourage baby's development by having different colour and pattern objects dangling from the toy bar which can help your baby in developing different sensory and cognitive skills. Also, baby bouncer seats can help in strengthening, stretching and building muscle in preparation for crawling and walking. Additional bonus is that the movement and exercises are entertaining for both the baby's mind and body.

when can a baby use a bouncer?

When we read about baby bouncers, it often isn't clear when a baby can sit in the bouncer. Bouncers are safe for newborns, so as long as your newborn baby is comfortable with lying on their back, you can use the baby bouncer seat for short periods of time a couple of times a day. Once your baby is three to six months old the playtime in the bouncy chair will be even more enjoyable, providing the baby with much-needed exercise to strengthen their muscles and giving them the possibility to view you from a semi-sitting position.

how long can a baby sit in the baby bouncer seat?

At first limit the playtime in the rocker seat for babies to a couple of minutes and increase it gradually once the baby grows and becomes more comfortable. Eventually, you and your baby will be able to use the baby bouncer up to twenty minutes several times per day.

can a baby sleep in a bouncer?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends parents move their baby to a flat and safe sleeping space if the baby is drowsy or falls asleep while in the baby bouncer and rocker as these play-time toys are not designed to support the baby properly during his naps.

how to wash the baby bouncer?
At aden + anais we believe that all baby products should be easy to maintain, so our baby bouncer has two detachable details (seat cover and infant insert) that can be washed in the washing machine. Remove all the toys, infant insert padding and straps, machine wash in a cold gentle cycle and hang to dry.
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For parents with young babies, a baby bouncer can be a lifesaver. Not only does a baby bouncer seat provide a secure and safe place for babies to play, when a parent needs their hands free, but it can also be helpful in calming a fussy baby, as the gentle bouncing motion soothes them by mimicking the same movement they were so used to in mummy's tummy. In our all-in-one seat that seamlessly transitions from a bouncer to a chair, as your child grows, your baby will be able to relax, play and learn at the same time. aden + anais baby bouncer and rocker has a toy bar with textured soft toys which are great for entertainment, tactile exploration and sensory development. Also, our baby rocker is made keeping your needs in mind - it's lightweight and folds flat for easy storage and mobility, as well as it has a refined design in neutral colours that will compliment most of the contemporary homes.

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