Baby on Aden and Anais blanketBaby on Aden and Anais blanket

Most snuggle-worthy baby blankets!

Our premium baby blankets are the next best thing to mum’s warm embrace. Our collections match maximum style with premium comfort for a luxurious blend of snuggle-ready must-haves. From dream blankets to baby security blankets and loveys, our pieces are the perfect baby shower or newborn-friendly gift that will equate to one thing always: a whole lot of love.

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Baby holding Aden and Anais blanketBaby holding Aden and Anais blanket



cotton muslin dream blankets

Carefully constructed from 100% cotton muslin, each of our cotton baby blankets takes comfort to another level. We are meticulous in our composition and even more stringent with our craftsmanship to bring parent and baby muslin baby blankets that are equal parts safe, comfortable, and pretty to look at. The benefits of quality aden + anais pieces are endless, but everyone deserves a little luxury in their life—no one more than baby. Add every bit of perfection to your nursery and everyday rituals with the must-haves made for baby.


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Baby wrapped in Aden and Anais blanketBaby wrapped in Aden and Anais blanket



silky soft dream blankets

We compose each of our silky soft muslin blankets with four layers of luxurious bamboo-derived viscose to bring baby premium comfort from every angle. The aden + anais collection of baby blankets are perfect for newborns and ready for everything from tummy time to playtime to snuggle time and more. Even better: they’ll be the complement to every baby activity from the newborn stage to the toddler stage and beyond. In a word, these muslin baby blankets are perfect in every way. But don’t just take our word for it—try them for yourself!


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Baby sitting with a security blanket - aden and anaisBaby sitting with a security blanket - aden and anais



issie™ security blankets

aden + anais baby security blankets have a special place in the life of a baby. They add warmth and comfort, yes. But more than that, they offer premium security, allowing your little one to feel safe at all times. Find your favourite print, and offer your baby the soothing benefits of our baby issie™ security blankets!


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Baby lying on a blanket - Aden and AnaisBaby lying on a blanket - Aden and Anais




Everyone needs a friend. And what better to cuddle up to then our coveted aden + anais loveys? Meant to be part toy, part security blanket, these supremely soft baby lovey blankets are an absolute must-have for baby. These fun little friends get bonus points for being a super cute addition to the nursery (and every daily ritual in between). The go-anywhere friend that’s redefining creature comforts is the perfect fit for every family.


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