toddler girl sleeping with toddler-bed weighted blanket

Any parent knows that sleep is a precious resource. You’ll do anything to get a full night’s sleep and dream about the next night as soon as you wake up. It’s one of the common threads that bind parents everywhere...sleepless nights.

But sleep is also equally as important for your little one as it helps them have energy, grow and develop. Ensuring your entire family is getting enough sleep is quite an undertaking, but one that a weighted blanket can definitely help with.

Weighted blankets have been getting a lot of buzz lately. These heavy, bead-filled blankets mimic a hug and lead to better quality sleep.

People swear by them to reduce insomnia, anxiety, and pain. On top of those benefits, sleeping with a weighted blanket can also help children with ADHD and autism relax into better sleep. 

We’re all about creating products that make for a safe, sleep-filled night, so the aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection is here to help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

the aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection

toddler boy in bed with toddler-bed weighted blanket 2.65 lbs whale watchingtoddler boy in bed with toddler-bed weighted blanket 2.65 lbs whale watching

This collection is intended for babies and toddlers over 20 lbs who would benefit from gentle pressure that mimics a comforting hug. This gentle pressure helps promote deeper and longer sleep -- which in turn means better sleep for you too.

These 100% cotton, ultra-soft weighted blankets are for adults, children and babies so the whole family can benefit from the soothing sensation of a weighted blanket at night. The sensation of a safe hug releases happy hormones which can lower the stress hormones that make restful sleep tough.


Each blanket uses non-toxic, breathable materials and can be thrown into the washing machine (no insert necessary). You can then tumble dry and soak up the comforting warmth and calming effect.

The aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection comes in a multitude of modern prints and styles so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your room aesthetic and child’s specific nighttime blanket needs.

It’s only natural that you have some questions before introducing a weighted blanket to your child’s bedtime routine. Scroll down to hear the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about children and weighted blankets.

meet the blankets

The aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection has 3 main styles. Read below to see which weighted blanket is best suited for your little sleeper.

aden + anis™ embrace lounge weighted blanket

The lounge weighted blanket is for those moments when your family wants to share some tranquillity together. This blanket is designed for the whole family (children over 44 lbs only) as it’s large enough for everyone to share the sensation of a soothing hug together.

Tell stories, share cuddles and bond over this comforting blanket. You can also drape it over your couch for movie nights to add to your family room cosiness.

family relaxing under zenith lounge weighted blanket 4.4 lbsfamily relaxing under zenith lounge weighted blanket 4.4 lbs
toddler girl in bed with ophelia toddler-bed weighted blanket 2.65 lbstoddler girl in bed with ophelia toddler-bed weighted blanket 2.65 lbs

aden + anais™ embrace toddler-bed weighted blanket

This is the ideal blanket for your 26.5 lb+ toddler. It wraps them up in a comforting hug, releasing happy hormones as they sleep.

The non-toxic micro glass beads are housed in three layers of fabric, meaning your toddler will feel nothing but breathable softness at night. It’s machine washable and dryer safe so you can also take a deep breath knowing that your laundry needs won’t increase.

Check out the 3 hand-drawn prints

whale watching swatchdream forest swatchophelia swatch

The aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection can encourage restful sleep for everyone in the family. Find your favourite blanket and let sleepless, fussy nights be a thing of the past.


What is the purpose of a weighted blanket?
A weighted blanket uses added weight to put a little gentle pressure on your body. It feels like a comforting and secure hug. This sensation can promote happiness and reduce anxiety, as it reduces stress hormones and encourages parasympathetic nervous system action. This, in turn, leads to a deeper, more restful sleep for either you or your child.
Is it okay to use a weighted blanket every night?
Yes! The benefits of a weighted blanket expand into multiple arenas. If your child likes the sensation, it’s a great idea to make it a part of their nighttime routine. It’s important to note that a great bedtime routine has many factors. You should also reduce screen time, wind down, and maintain a consistent bedtime for your child to experience restful nights.
Do weighted blankets actually work?
In Sweden, a study came out on the effectiveness of weighted blankets for insomnia. Weighted blanket users were 26x more likely to have a 50% reduction in their insomnia symptoms. They were also 20x more likely to achieve complete remission of their symptoms over the control group.
Can weighted blankets be harmful?
Weighted blankets should never be used on infants since they can get “trapped” under the heaviness of this added weight. In general, you should be careful with all blankets around infants. But for babies and toddlers, weighted blankets are very safe. You just want to make sure the weight does not exceed 10% of their body weight.
Do weighted blankets make you hot?

Yes and no. The added weight of the blanket on its own does not lead to nighttime overheating, but it can make you hot. This is in part due to the heaviness, but more so the material of the blanket itself, the temperature of the room, and the metabolism of the sleeper. Most weighted blanket users do not report feeling hotter after switching from a normal blanket.

Our aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection is made of natural, soft, breathable 100% cotton to reduce your child’s chances of feeling hot and ensure maximum comfort.

How do you wash a weighted blanket?
The aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection weighted blankets are fully machine washable and dryer safe. You don’t even have to remove any of the inserts, just put the entire blanket in the wash and machine wash on warm with similar colours. Then tumble it dry. Care couldn’t be easier. If you need it, it’s fine to use chlorine-free bleach, just remember not to iron or dry clean your Embrace Collection weighted blanket.
Are weighted blankets safe for kids?
Yes! Just ensure that your weighted blanket is the right fit for your child, meaning it’s a maximum of 10% of their body weight. It should never be heavier than 10% of their weight. The child must have the ability to remove the weighted blanket if they are uncomfortable or hurting. For the aden + anais™ embrace weighted blanket collection we list out the minimum weight for each style to ensure you’re not going to purchase a blanket that is too heavy for them. Weighted blankets should never be placed in a crib and should always be worn below the shoulders to protect their neck. Remember to check the blanket for wear and tear often, replacing the blanket if the inner beads ever become visible.
How effective is the weighted blanket for kids that have trouble sleeping?
Research suggests that weighted blankets are similar to deep pressure stimulation, a therapeutic technique that helps promote healthy sleep, reduces anxiety, relieves pain, and improves mood. These added benefits can reduce the amount of stress hormone your child produces and create a more restful night of sleep.