I’ve had a lot of fun starting solid foods with my little one this year. She’s responded very well to healthy foods like sweet potato, squash, broccoli, avocado, eggs and salmon. But I got a little bit stuck when it came to providing healthy finger foods and snacks for when we’re out and about.

I wanted to avoid the processed foods with a long list of ingredients. Though they are convenient, they are not nutrient-dense and can be tough on a baby’s immature digestive system. For now, we’re sticking to nature’s fast food!


+ blueberries

+ chopped strawberries

+ chopped canteloupe

+ chopped apple

+ big apple slices to gnaw on

+ chopped Asian pear

+ Asian slice to gnaw on





"on the go" snacks ideas


+ peas

+ seaweed snacks (a big hit!)

+ small pieces of steamed carrot

+ giant carrot to gnaw on (great for teething!)

+ sweet potato “fries”

+ small bits of cheese

*Kerry Bajaj is a Certified Health Coach. She helps clients achieve their health goals including weight loss, improved digestion, stress reduction and fitness. Kerry is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is certified by Columbia University Teachers College in holistic health. She has been mentored in functional medicine under Dr. Frank Lipman since 2010. She has run four marathons, is a certified yoga teacher and writes about health and wellness at