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meet Aly from AllMumsTalk

mother to Lucas and Amelie

Q: What are your top 3 tips for getting a newborn to sleep?

A: 1.Keep them snug as a bug in a rug
Swaddling has helped both my little ones (Lucas who is now 4 year and Amelie who is 6 months) have a better sleep in the first few months.

As soon as I feed Amelie, I try to go for a quick nap too before she wakes up before the fun of feeding, changing and comforting starts all over again.

Despite not being on every mum’s list, co-sleeping has been working really well for us. Even when she was very little, I used to have her next to me, especially during daytime naps and this has made us both more relaxed while improving her sleep.
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Q: How has swaddling helped you and your baby?

A: I have swaddled both my children – Lucas my first born and Amelie who is still a baby. I’ve noticed they both seemed to have a deeper and longer sleep. I’ve also seen that when they were swaddled, scratches were prevented (babies tend to scratch their face easily) which therefore leads to less waking up.

Q: Can you share a fun moment which involved aden + anais?

A: My toddler Lucas loves tucking in the aden + anais swaddle his little sister, but what he loves more is using her Disney print swaddle as a superhero cape around the house.

meet Fiona from Dolly Dowsie

mother to Beau and Tyler Lee

Q: Can you share your baby sleep routine with us?

A: My boys have had the same routine since they were newborns. They have their dinner, then a nice warm bubbly bath and get changed into clean pyjamas. Beau is then given a bottle, lots of cuddles and is put into his cot. He has a lullaby nightlight that he's had since he was born and that's put on, along with his mobile, while I read him a bedtime story. He then drifts off to sleep without fuss. Tyler's routine is the same, once he's in his bed his lullaby nightlight goes on and I read him a story. This routine has worked so well for us for getting the boys to sleep.
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How do sleeping bags help?

A: I've been using sleeping bags since Tyler was a baby and I wouldn't be without them now. When Beau is in his sleeping bag I know he'll be kept warm all night - as opposed to him kicking blankets off. I also know he'll be safe and won't be able to pull any material up over his face.

Q: Finally, can you share a fun moment with us which involved aden + anais?

A: When aden + anais launched their Disney baby collaboration featuring the Bambi print my boys were gifted a dream blanket. Beau was so tiny and Tyler was lying under the blanket with him pretending to read him a Bambi book. It was such a sweet moment between the two of them and it was one of the first moments I witnessed Tyler enjoying his big brother role with Beau.

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