Parenthood can sometimes feel overwhelming but we are a lucky generation to have technology on hand to help out when we need it most.
The best apps solve real problems and when we started Tinybeans we knew exactly which problems we were trying to solve. My dad and sister live far away and missed my children desperately. I wanted a way to safely and easily share photos with them. I also wanted to keep a record of precious moments and track developmental milestones in one place. And so the Tinybeans app was born 3 years ago, making it simple to keep daily photos, videos and notes in one place and to share them safely with JUST the people who care. (Free on iOS and Android).

In addition to Tinybeans, there are now dozens of parenting apps that can give you a helping hand. From clever ways to keep track of your little one’s sleep and feeding patterns to helping your baby fall asleep, there’s an app for it. Here is a roundup of the best apps out there that simplify a parent’s life.

Here is a roundup of the best apps out there to simplify parent’s life:

+ best baby sleep app: white noise baby

White Noise Baby is full of sounds that help babies relax, stop crying and sleep better. If you’ve found yourself driving around or vacuuming in the middle of the night to calm your little one, this is the app for you.

There are ‘fan’ and ‘train ride’ soundtracks, classical music and even a human heartbeat so you can recreate the sanctuary of the womb. The clever team at White Noise Baby has also included an on-screen high contrast baby rattle to help distract a fussy baby.

£0.79 on iOS and free on Android

+ best app for baby’s mental development: The Wonder Weeks

One minute you’re tracking along nicely thinking you’ve finally got this baby thing sorted, then BAM! Your bundle of joy turns into a fussy crier who you have no idea how to calm. It could be that your child is having a ‘Wonder Week’.

A Wonder Week is one of 10 important developmental weeks in your baby’s first 20 months. This app helps you predict and prepare for these leaps in mental development that can often bewilder you and your baby.

£1.50 on iOS and Android

+ best baby medical and health app: First Opinion

The First Opinion app gives you 24/7 access to a qualified doctor via text message. They promise a response within 24 hours (although it often comes through within minutes) and for just £7 a month you can receive a response within 3 minutes or less.

We love that they say that no question is too small. Sometimes all you need is a little reassurance that everything is OK or an educated prompt to follow your instincts and see a doctor in person.

Free for basic subscription and £7/month for premium membership (incudes faster response times and ability to send pictures to doctors) on iOS only.

+ best app for newborn tracking: Total Baby

When we asked our users about the apps they loved, Total Baby got a resounding thumbs up all around the world.

It contains 14 separate time-tracking and logging functions in a single app! There’s an easy-to-read dashboard so you can see at a glance the last time your little one ate, slept or was changed as well as the last side nursed. Total Baby also allows you to sync between parents and caregivers.

£3.70 on iOS. Feed Baby got lots of mentions as an alternative on Android (free with a £4.50 pro version)

+ best app for family organization: Cozi

This gem of an app helps you organize and manage family life. The ability to have a profile for each family member (no matter how young) and see everyone’s schedule at a glance is a lifesaver. And if it is good enough for Tom and Giselle, it is good enough for us!

In one account you can keep track of vaccination appointments, work schedules and weekend fun, all colour-coded so you know who is up to what and where they should be. You can set reminders for upcoming appointments for yourself and your partner and also sync shopping and to-do lists.

Free on iOS and Android

*Sarah-Jane Kurtini is the founder of Tinybeans and spends her work days helping families connect and raise their children better through technology. All the other days are for family, Bondi Beach, surfing and photography.
photo credit: © Blend Images Photography / Veer