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expert advice on breast-feeding + bottle feeding

Nurturing Mums supports all mums who struggle with feeding a newborn

Lady breastfeedingLady breastfeeding

Lucinda Hutton is a mum of two children who founded Nurturing Mums in 2016. her mission is to support new mums and offer advice
on all post-natal struggles, from nursing to bottle-feeding and beyond.

we at aden + anais support all mums in their decision to either breastfeed or bottle feed.
no matter what your journey looks like, Lucinda helps simplify what can often be a chaotic time.



what are your advices to the new mums who struggle with breast feeding a newborn?

A: if you are struggling, persevere if and only if you want to. there are some great breastfeeding
support groups out there which are worthwhile attending, as well as some wonderful lactation consultants.
it’s also ok not to breastfeed if that no longer feels like the right choice for you and your baby and in our groups,
it is a common theme as to how difficult it can be.
Expert Lucinda HuttonExpert Lucinda Hutton

Q: what are the best breast pumps that you would recommend?

A: breast pump-wise, i think it’s good to get one, but it can be saved until after birth when you know if you want to pump and what your supply is like. i used a double electric breast pump by Nuk, which was very good, and Medela is also a brand i would recommend.

Q: what are your top bottle-feeding tips?

A: if you want to introduce your baby to a bottle, i think the earlier the better in terms of them willingly accepting it. it’s easy for air to get trapped in
the baby bottles, so make sure you wind/burp your baby well after feeding to help them settle. to keep your baby clean you can also use one of the aden + anais burpy
bibs. it’s useful to set up the steriliser and learn how to sterilise your feeding bottle and toprepare feeds before your baby comes along, as when they are hungry and
crying is not the time to start reading the instructions!

to receive support and answers to all your questions you can contact Lucinda at:

shop our swaddles which double as a nursing cover, or our burpy bibs to keep you and your baby clean while feeding:


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