Two babies wearing an aden and anais burpy bib clothTwo babies wearing an aden and anais burpy bib cloth

Baby burpy bib and burp cloth in one

What’s worse? Spit up on your baby’s shoulder or spit up on your shoulder? Trick question; they’re both a buzz kill. Meet your new best friend: the burpy bib, a multi-use hard-worker that you’ll find only at aden + anais. Thanks to its patented design, the extra absorbent fabric does double duty as a catch-all bib and a no-slip burp cloth. To use it as a bib, simply drape it over your baby’s shoulders and snap it at the back for a full-coverage breathable bib that soaks up even the sneakiest of side dribbles. To use it as a burp cloth, place it right over your shoulder, where you will find it sits just so, virtually hugging you with its clever kidney shape so it stays put when your little one’s drool doesn’t.

The burpy bib was actually the brainchild of a mother-daughter team that aden + anais co-founder Raegan met at her very first trade show in New York City. Raegan immediately recognized the genius of the design. After seeing the duo a few more times at subsequent trade shows, Raegan asked them if she could license the design so that she could make the burpy bib in muslin. They happily agreed and the burpy bib’s home has been at aden + anais ever since.