Mother reading to her babyMother reading to her baby

Reading with baby


Reading sparks imagination. And what’s more imaginative than making up your own story? These books have everything you’re looking for in a bedtime story – except words. Those you can come up with along with your child. This means the story can be as fresh as you want it to be, and, when your little one is bigger, you get to hear the funny tales they invent to go with the photos.



Hank Finds An Egg

Hank is just a little bear, wandering through the forest. And guess what he finds? If you said an egg, you’re right! You’ll have fun making up the words to this sweet and adorable little tale.



Flora and the Flamingo

Friendship is a delicate dance. And that’s what Flora and the flamingo do: dance their way through a wordless book.




Just a regular Tuesday evening, with frogs flying through town on Lilly pads. Nothing to see here, just some beautiful and whimsical illustrations that made this book a bestseller and an award-winner.




A beautiful and magical story about a lonely little girl who draws a door on her wall and walks into a world of adventure. Probably best for slightly older children, but a book that any grown-up will truly enjoy.


Goodnight Gorilla

Alright, so there are a few words in this one. But just a few. Otherwise, you get to entertain your little one by explaining just what this Gorilla is doing as he makes his way through the zoo, unlocking all of the cages.

photo credit: © Jennifer Mederos /Aden & Anais, Inc. All rights reserved.