how to get baby to sleep through warm summer nights

top tips for helping your new-born sleep through the summer months

Kerry Secker, founder of Care It Out®, experienced infant sleep consultant and nanny of 20 years, shares her top tips for helping your new-born sleep through the summer months.

your baby naturally prefers a cooler environment for sleep. the ideal room temperature for a baby is between 16-20°c, but this can feel a little chilly to us!

so when it warms up during the summer months, it’s understandable that your baby may struggle to sleep. hot, sweaty and uncomfortable are not a great cot combination! it’s even more understandable that as the heat rises, so will your worry about baby overheating.
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here are my top seven tips for helping your new-born sleep and keeping them cool this summer:

1. stick to 100% cotton fabrics for bedding, pyjamas and sleep suits. if you prefer, they can wear a summer muslin sleeping bag which is perfect for the warm temperature.

2. manmade fibres can get hot and sweaty. if their mattress has a plastic topper, I would recommend removing it.

3. air the room out as much as possible during the day. if you can, try to keep the windows open as much as possible to create a breeze.

4. run a fan for 30 minutes before putting your baby to bed. even better, place a frozen bottle of water next to it to cool the air as it blows. I recommend turning the fan off at night, but if you choose to have it on, have it blowing away from your baby, never directly on them.

5. keep up your baby’s fluids during the day. babies may need to have more feeds offered to them both day and night to keep them hydrated.

6. hanging cold, wet towels in the room can help keep the room cool. just make sure your baby isn’t able to grab them and cover his or her face with them.

7. if it’s super-hot, then gently cooling baby off with a cool flannel can help.

Care It Out® is a caring and logical approach to sleep salvation from Kerry Secker, an experienced infant sleep consultant and nanny of 20 years.

do you need more sleeping tips? please contact Kerry at Care It Out®:

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