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must-have books you haven't read yet

it’s a veritable sea of stories out there, but we asked our friends and followers for their favorite tales
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Every child has a favorite book. You know, the book you’ve read so many time that the spine has disintegrated and your child knows when you’ve skimmed or skipped a page to speed up bedtime. That book. Of course we want to raise little book lovers, but we also want some new stories in the mix, too.

Our libraries and bookstores are jam-packed with children’s titles. It’s a veritable sea of stories out there, but we asked our friends and followers for their favorite tales.

The Paper Bag Princess

Elizabeth is no damsel in distress. She can outsmart a dragon and save her prince all on her own. A story that inspires bravery and self-confidence, and who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives?


A vintage story about a gentle bull who just wants to sit and smell the flowers. You’ll love the sweet illustrations, and the lesson that it’s okay to just be yourself.

Dragons Love Tacos

An imaginative, delightfully illustrated book that will make your kids laugh out loud…and make you hungry for tacos.

The Wuggie Norple Story

Silly, sweet, funny and yes, totally ridiculous. Wuggie Norple is a kitten who just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

Strega Nona

Those who speak Italian will know the title translates to “Grandma Witch,” but Strega Nona is a good witch. A witch with a reputation for helping those who need her. A witch with a magic pasta pot…A great story about being a good listener, wrapped up in a funny, original tale by Tomie dePaola.

photo credit: © Alloy Photography / Veer
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