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One day during your pregnancy you’ll awaken from the baby fog and you’ll realize that your baby will need a place to sleep, be changed, and be cuddled in just a few short weeks. And thus begins the unbridled process of nesting in which parents around the world become some alternate version of themselves: in a frenzy for perfection. Or at least, that was the case for me.

Babies don’t need much.
But to this expecting mother, creating a haven for baby with all the bells and whistles was at the top of my list. Nothing would deter me from attaining something akin to baby paradise. The problem with creating this baby utopia, I discovered, was that I didn’t know where to start.

But things turned out to be not as hapless as I imagined. After determining the essentials, I was able to dive into the fun part: design. And though tricky at first, I came to realize a strategy. With insight garnered from the depths of the internet (Pinterest is great source of ideas!) I decided to pick a pattern that I loved and, from the ground up, build the room around it.

And what better place to start than at aden + anais! A thematic gold mine was waiting for me. Was my vibe Disney, or bohemian? Did I want something matching the gender of my baby or did I prefer something more fluid? Animal, or aquatic? The options were plentiful and I quickly discovered my design. We bet you will, too.

nursery patterns & designs:


subdued tones that work for girls and boys alike, our monochromatic prints are versatile and adaptable.
lovestruck - love
bandana bib
metallic silver deco 3-pack
musy - muslin squares

shades of blue

hues of blue offer the perfect, calming background for baby’s dreams.
rock star 3-pack
musy - muslin squares

shades of pink

reminiscent of roses and macarons, surround your love with soft, shell pink sweetness.
lovely reverie - mini hearts
classic musy mate lovey
£19.95 out of stock
The Aristocats 4-pack
Disney baby classic swaddles
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